Gather Your Event

Wine is the perfect pairing for any BIG celebration, birthdays, bridal showers, corporate events or just friends who want to get their BIG group together. We love to celebrate them all.


We love celebrating all kinds of BIG events. We’ve hosted bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, and birthday parties to name just a few of our favorites. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind event space, you’ve found it. 

At Big Cork, we believe leaving the office behind is great for corporate events, holiday parties, client appreciation, or just celebrating that BIG deal. No need for goofy team-building exercises or stuffy holiday parties. Nurture your staff and your clients in a relaxing and beautiful environment.

We can host classes, tastings, dinners, tours of the vineyard or whatever else you can dream up. We are focused on helping you execute an event that will be regaled at the water cooler for a long time to come.

Private event rentals details
  • We offer event space rental for groups during our peak season from April – October. We can only host groups during winter months after regular business hours. Please call 301-302-8032 or email Meagan Grove, Events Manager, at for more information on after hours event rentals. To schedule a group wine tasting, please email Tanya Kloos, at 

Group information details

  • We do not offer seating or tables in winter months inside of our Tasting Room for groups larger than 4. Groups of no more than 6 are welcomed on our patio. 
  • We request that you do not move our furniture or tables. 
  • Only event rentals may bring in balloons or decorations, as noted in their contract. 


  • We’re BIG on kids and family, however, we do require that all children remain within an arm’s reach of their guardians while visiting our property.
  • Children are included in our winter group policy including only four guests per table inside our Tasting Room, and up to 6 on our patios.
  •  Children’s parties are not permitted at Big Cork Vineyards.


  • Decorations are not permitted unless renting space for an event.
  • This includes balloons, tents, floral arrangements, glitter, streamers, banners, etc.

BIG no-nos

We hate saying no, but these are our BIG rules so that we can ensure all of our guests enjoy their time at our vineyard.

  • No outside music, including radios and musical instruments.
  • Hired transportation must call in advance.
  • No movement of our furniture.

Outside Alcohol Policy

When visiting Big Cork Vineyards, please note the only alcohol that is permitted on our property is Big Cork Vineyards wine. This is Maryland law. Please do not bring any other alcohol including but not limited to previously purchased Big Cork Vineyards wine, wine from another vineyard, beer, hard alcohol, champagne or wine coolers. Failure to abide by these laws subjects us to hefty fines and a loss of our license. Violators will be asked to leave the property immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you host weddings and private events?

YES! We love private events. Our picture-perfect location is the perfect location for your BIG day or your special event.

Do you permit BIG groups?

We can only accommodate BIG groups by reservation. Please contact our Events Manager, Meagan Grove, at for more information.

I have a group of more than four guests, do you provide seating?

No, we do not provide seating for groups of more than four in order to abide by social distancing guidelines. Please see above for more information.

How much does it cost to host an event at the vineyard?

Please contact Meagan Grove,, for more information. We want to hear all about your event!

Can we bring pets?

YES! We love dogs and they are welcome at the vineyard on a leash, just not inside the Tasting Room.

What is the maximum capacity for parties/events?

We offer a range of options for different size events. Please email for more information.

May I bring beer to your vineyard, not all my guests drink wine.

No. Outside alcohol is not permitted. BUT we do offer an option for our private events to serve beer and spirits - after our Tasting Room has closed.

Can we add a wine tasting to our event rental?

Of course! This can be arranged and setup in advance with our Events Manager.

Private Events Photo Gallery

Want to see more pictures? Enjoy this photo gallery featuring a few of our favorite BIG memories.

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