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Scavenger Hunt

Release your inner Sherlock Holmes from noon – 1 pm, for our inaugural Scavenger Hunt. We’ll post the clues right here and on Facebook. As you solve each clue, snap a picture and post to our Facebook Page. The person who is answers each clue correctly, posts the picture to our Facebook page and finishes first, wins a $30 gift card to Big Cork Vineyards.

Clues for Saturday, September 10:

Big Cork Vineyard’s winemaker is known as Mr. Nebbiolo. Find a bottle of his signature varietal in the BIG retail market and photograph it.

Look toward the Appalachian Trail and shoot a BIG, wide picture of the spectacular South Mountain Range.

Van Gogh would have a field day in this floral patch near the stream. Grab a photo of this grand display of BIG yellow flowers.

Big Cork Vineyards has 31 acres of grape vines and…one BIG peculiar tree. It sprouts chapeaus. Model one of these beauties for a silly selfie.

Everything here is BIG, especially our sign. Have someone take a photo of you standing next to it.

We love little people here at BIG. Find a pair of mooning marauders in a glass jar under a BIG glass chandelier and snap a cheeky picture.


Sep 10, 2016
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm