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Scavenger Hunt

Release your inner Sherlock Holmes from noon – 2 pm, for our BIG Scavenger Hunt. As you solve each clue, snap a picture and post to our Facebook Page. The person who answers each clue correctly, posts the picture to our Facebook page and finishes first, wins a $30 gift card to Big Cork Vineyards.

Today’s clues:

Is Poker your game or do you fancy Go Fish? Find a BIG pack of 52 and snap a shot.

The name might imply that it’s small in size, but it’s one of our BIG award-winning wines. Find a bottle of this 2015 Governor’s Cup Best in Show varietal and shoot a photo.

Tall in stature and super knowledgeable about all things wine, this guy is our BIG leader. Get a selfie with him.

We’ve got 31-acres of them, and they are the root of what we do. Take a photo of the BIG rolling hills where they grow.
This ultimate abdominal exerciser was popularized during the 50’s. Find your rhythm on the BIG East lawn and have someone capture a picture while you’re movin’ and groovin’.


Sep 24, 2016
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm