Good Grape Juice

Let’s talk about why you’re probably planning a visit, and why we all got into this: to enjoy extraordinary wine!

Awards? Yep, we’ve won gold, silver and bronze for many of our Big Cork wines. Our recent wins were at the 2017 Maryland Comptroller’s Cup, where we won Best In Show for our 2015 Cabernet Franc and at the 2017 Maryland Governor’s Cup for our 2015 Cabernet Franc where we won Best In Class for our 2015 Cabernet Franc. Also, in 2017 we won several of our wines wine awards at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and at the Indy Wine Competition, including a double gold for our 2014 Russian Kiss.

In 2016 Governor’s Cup Competition we won the inaugural Jack Aellen Cup for our Black Cap Port and the 2016 Comptroller’s Cup where we brought home gold and silver for a number of our wines. Our 2013 Petite Verdot, won Best In Show the 2015 Maryland Governor’s Cup and our 2014 Chardonnay is one of our biggest winners, with five medals from MDWinemaster’s Best in Show, the San Francisco International Wine Competition, the Long Beach Grand Cru, the Indy International Wine Competition, and the Maryland Governor’s Cup Competition. Plus, our 2014 Vidal won a Gold in the Long Beach Grand Cru in 2015.

But awards don’t tell the whole story. Each of our wines is carefully crafted and blended by our master winemaker, Dave Collins. Our grapes are all grown on our property, fermented onsite, in either stainless, American oak, or French oak tanks (depending on the wine), and then bottled here, as well. We care deeply about our product and believe that having it all under one roof will guarantee we meet our own high-quality standards.

Enjoy our wine by the taste, glass or bottle…we’ve got something for every palate and look forward to sharing it with you.

Sample Our Wine

Put a Cork In It

We’ve got big corks, and we’re proud of ‘em!

We use the very best (and biggest) Portuguese 49mm corks that money can buy, and we want to show them off! You won’t find our corks hiding under antiquated foil capsules, and here’s why:

  • Capsules go directly to a landfill and are a recycling burden because of what they are made of.
  • Capsules are hard to remove properly without jagged edges. And let’s be honest, they slow you down.
  • You can’t tell if the cork has leaked if there is a capsule on and intact.
  • Capsules were invented in the olden days to protect the cork from mold and mice…neither of which is a problem anymore with our cellaring capabilities and technologies.
  • Hey, our name isn’t Big Foil Vineyards!
Open Thursday through Monday, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm. Open Fridays until 9:00 pm.