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Nick Andrew Staver

Come enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon of music and wine.

Nick Andrew Staver is trenching new roads to be paved with his sound. Ripping out the traditional blues seams and restitching them with his story. Dropping the kid gloves and arriving to work with a blues sledgehammer in tow.Not only will the stage bear the weight of his songs but also the mass of steel hanging around his neck like a badge of dignity. The steel guitar, the bronze strings and sweat can be equally experienced in every note as his prayer-like breath gravels from lungs to listener.

Although there is a roof and four walls to call home in south central Pennsylvania, it’s the lined asphalt that Nick has become familiar with most since 2012. Performing all over the US and concentrating on the east coast, Nick’s music has spread out to audiences of all colors of the collar.


Nov 4, 2018
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm