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Todd Haines and Lew Palladino

Friday night music and wine, what a way to welcome the weekend!

Todd Haines is an acoustic guitarist/vocalist from Williamsport, MD. Lew Palladino is a guitarist/vocalist from Hagerstown, MD, best known for decades of live performances with The Rhythm Kings. Their style is stripped down to the elemental basics of guitars and mics, and draws on a lifetime of musical influences from classic rock to country to blues and everything in between.¬† A typical performance will feature songs both well-known and more obscure, from a range of artists and genres from The Beatles to Zac Brown, with the goal of an ever-expanding¬† musical experience. The food truck this evening is Mayta’s Peruvian Cuisine.¬†


Aug 7, 2020
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm