Traminette Wine

This semi-dry white wine made from the Traminette grape is a Big Cork Vineyards favorite. A hybrid of the famous German Gewurztraminer grape and a French-American wine varietal called Johannes Seyve 23-416, Traminette wine produces bright aromatics and fruity flavors suggestive of pineapple and melon with spicy undernotes. The Traminette grape’s high acidity and low pH levels produce fresh fruit aromas and floral, spicy flavors transparent in the wine.

Traminette grapes are more suitable for cooler climates. Traminette grapes mature in late mid-season, usually around early October. Traminette bears larger grape clusters, yields a number of clusters in vineyards and has a good disease resistance. Traminette wine is the perfect accompaniment to spicy Asian or Mexican food. One of our signature wines at Big Cork Vineyards, we’ve already garnered praise and awards for this wine varietal. To purchase this award-winning wine online or at a restaurant or wine shop near you, click on the Purchase Wine tab.

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