Sauvignon Blanc Wine

harvesting grapes for sauvignon blanc wineSauvignon Blanc white wine is similar to other whites like Chardonnay because of its green and herb flavors. A crisp, dry and refreshing white wine varietal, Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most widely planted wine grapes in the world, and has a wide range of flavors and styles because of its versatility. Sauvignon Blanc packs flavors of berries and citrus, with other aromas including herbs, spices and flowers.

Available to purchase online at Big Cork Vineyards, our Sauvignon Blanc wine pairs well with white meats, similar green spices and herbs, softer cheeses and sautéed green veggies. This white wine also pairs well with appetizers like artichoke dip, creamy sauces, fragrant salads, poultry, and more. To find out when this white wine will be available at Big Cork Vineyards, sign up for our mailing list here.

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