Petit Verdot Wine

Red Grapes Used to make Petit Verdot WinePetit Verdot will be bottled and available for purchase soon at Big Cork Vineyards. The aromas in this classic Bordeaux wine blend have been comparable to banana. Strong flavors of violet and leather develop as Petit Verdot wine matures. Petit Verdot is similar to the color, flavor and fragrance of Syrah. The wine’s tannins are powerful and leave a puckering sensation on the mouth.

Any wine with as many tannins as Petit Verdot has great potential to age for decades. Petit Verdot wine needs more time to age and soften. Due to the high level of tannins in this wine, Petit Verdot should be consumed with heartier, robust red meats and aged cheeses. Check back to our website and Facebook page as this wine will be harvested in the coming months.

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