Nebbiolo Wine

Nebbiolo Wine Made With Red GrapeNebbiolo wine is a red wine, highly tannic with scents of tar and roses. As the wine ages, it takes on a brick-orange hue at the rim of the glass and matures to expose other flavors like violet, truffles, cherries and prunes. This wine is of the Italian variety, mostly associated with the Piedmont Region. The name of this wine derives from the Italian word nebbia which means fog. During harvest, a deep, intense fog sweeps many Nebbiolo vineyards. The word also alludes to the fog-like, milky veil that forms on the Nebbiolo berries as they mature.

A good Nebbiolo wine, like Big Cork Vineyards’, balances the richest, heartiest meats and stews. The wine also pairs well with an aged, hard cheese. This Big Cork Vineyards wine will be available soon at our tasting room, local restaurants, wine shops and festivals. From your first sip to your last, our Nebbiolo wine will leave you wanting more.

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