And here it is… our BIG announcement!

Starting January 31st, bring all of your senses to Big Cork Vineyards and experience something bigger.

We invite you to come and hear the peaceful silence that only winter can bring. Feel the warmth of our new 4000 sq. ft. tasting room, and enjoy a bold red wine to warm your soul. Bring friends and family to gather and reflect upon the new year. Taste the mouthwatering flavors of our delicious food (which complements our award-winning wine). Come in your comfy sweaters and your fuzzy boots. Be comfortable, be relaxed, and feel the warmth of our surroundings.

It would be a big mistake if we didn’t thank everyone who has helped in bringing our grand vision to life—especially our builders. Our wonderful crews have worked tirelessly through wind, rain and snow over the last few years to make our BIG dream happen. We are so excited to begin creating unforgettable moments with you and yours in the new year, and we thank all of those who have worked so hard!

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Open Thursday through Monday, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm. Open Fridays until 9:00 pm.