5 Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Have you ever shared a bottle or two of your favorite BCV Chardonnay white wine with friends, and then kept the cork as a special memento? Upcycling old wine corks is a hot trend right now thanks to Pinterest and the DIY movement.

maryland wineries, chardonnay white wine

Photo Credit: Design Improvised

With the help of creative crafters, old wine corks are finding new life as coasters, candleholders, and more. Cork’s lightweight, 100% natural and biodegradable features make it optimal for a number of design and craft projects. Instead of pitching the cork after you’ve finished your favorite bottle, break out the old glue gun and get your DIY juices flowing with these crafty, quirky repurposed cork ideas.

1. Wreath
Greet guests at the door au natural — with a 100% natural cork wreath, of course! All you need are a stash of wine corks (start saving early), an 8-inch or larger wreath form, hot glue gun, and paint or nail polish for coloring corks (optional). Glue the corks to the wreath form in any random order. Continue gluing in a circular pattern until wreath form is filled. This is by no means a quick DIY, so prepare to spend a couple hours working on this project. Hang it on your front door, near your wine rack or in the kitchen. 

maryland wineries, chardonnay white wine

Photo Credit: Crafting Fingers

2. Coasters
Not only do coasters made from old wine corks add a trendy accent to any side table or counter — they also protect the tabletop from condensation damage thanks to the water resistance of the cork. Coasters are super easy to make, and you can personalize them by rearranging the corks in a number of ways.

3. Stamps
Making your own stamps from wine cork is a fun, simple project. All you need is a cork, a Sharpie, a very sharp X-Acto or crafting knife, and some ink. Draw your design on the end of the cork with a Sharpie, cut around the shape and into the cork sideways, slowly slicing back and forth until you chip away the excess cork around the shape with your knife. Dot your shape in ink, and presto stampo on to cards or stationery.

maryland wineries, chardonnay white wine

Photo Credit: Suze Geeks Out

4. Bath Mat
Test how water resistant wine corks are by making a bath mat. Not only is this project eco-friendly and extremely durable, the cork is a treat for your feet after a hot shower and it pairs perfectly with a natural color palette. Use a non-adhesive shelf liner, cut to your desired length and height, cut each cork in half lengthwise and hot glue to the liner until covered.

5. Corkboard
This one sounds like a no-brainer. Wine corks can be used to create a functional and stylish corkboard for your office or any room in the house. Gather an assortment of corks, find a unique frame or mirror, then start gluing the corks in any pattern in the center. Hang where desired and pin your grocery list, a hook for your car keys or photos of the kids.

Which of these DIY wine cork projects are you most excited to try?

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