5 DIYs for Empty BCV Wine Bottles

So, you just finished your favorite bottle of BCV Traminette wine. Now that the last sip has been savored, what do you do with the bottle? By reusing or repurposing just one bottle, you’re reducing pollution and waste. Rather than adding the bottle to the trash pile, think DIY.

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Photo Credit: DIY Network

With the popularity of Pinterest and the DIY movement, there’s never been a more creative time to turn your old wine bottles into functional, fabulous pieces. The unique silhouette and dark, green hue of our BCV bottles make it easy to transform your beloved wine into new and unique centerpieces in your garden or on your dining table. Save money and spice up your home with these 5 nifty, thrifty ways to repurpose empty BCV wine bottles. 

1. Wine Bottle Chandelier
Feeling fancy? Save a few bottles and create a light feature that will turn heads and impress guests. Using discarded wine bottles and basic lumber for support, these chandeliers can go for upwards of hundreds of dollars at chain stores. But, you can create the same artistic ambiance for a fraction of that cost using BCV bottles.

maryland wineries

Photo Credit: Geek Living Blog

2. Water Fountain
Using a few empty wine bottles, a fountain pump, a vessel and fasteners, a wine bottle water fountain is one part rustic and one part fantastic. Incorporate accents like flowers or stones, or use a wine barrel as the base for added drama.

3. Flower Vases
Paint the bottle or wrap in colored yarn or twine, then add your favorite flowers — living or dried. Hang on the wall, use as a table setting for a rustic, outdoor wedding or simply arrange on a side table. Sweet and simple, these vases only take a few minutes, but they leave a lasting impression.

4. Tiki Torches
Cast the perfect glow on that summer party with a tiki torch made from repurposed wine bottles. These are cheap and easy — all you need are tiki replacement wicks, citronella torch fuel and mounting brackets (optional). They can sit outside on a table or be mounted to a fence, deck or entryway. Just light and enjoy.

maryland wineries

Photo Credit: The Garden Roof Coop

5. Bird Feeder
Greet your feathered friends with an “open bar” outdoors. These gorgeous wine bottle bird feeders are a great way to recycle old bottles, plus they’re so cute you’ll be proud to hang them in your yard. This could be a fun project for the kids, too (with parental supervision, of course).

What’s the most creative way you’ve upcycled an empty wine bottle? Share in the comments below or post a photo on our Facebook page. And, be sure to visit us on Pinterest for even more creative wine-inspired DIYs.

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